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          2. 競成印刷文化觀



                    對競成而言,文化從來不是抽象存在的。競成的文化史觀乃是涵蓋了傳統文脈,美學哲理以及人文關懷、現代經營理念的整體集成。面對經濟發展全球化和信息產業化,競成以獨特厚重 的企業文化品格卓然而立,形成了統一的企業精神、企業價值觀以及強大的向心力和凝聚力。在建設具有國際水平的現代印刷企業集團道路上進行著堅定而深入的實踐。


                    Printing is the outcome rooted in social culture and the most precise describing tool of people activity and service. The naissance of printing means the overall technology involving in culture, besides, it has fully performed as the tool to promote culture spread.


                    For Jingcheng, the culture is always not abstract. The Jingcheng’s culture concept is the integration that contains traditional culture, aesthetics philosophy, humanism thought, modern management idea. Facing the globalization of economy development and information industrialization, Jingcheng stands with unique and munificent company culture character and has formed unified company spirit, company values, great centripetal force and cohesive force. It’s now on the steady and in-depth way of building an international modern printing group.